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Edgewood Gentle Dentist

igdWelcome to the website of Edgewood Gentle Dentist! Our top priority is to provide quality care with a gentle touch.  Dr. Jim Wines and his team want to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. We serve patients of all ages and always welcome new patients into our practice.

As a trusted family dental clinic in Indianapolis, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of dental care available in a pleasant and comfortable environment. We believe in the importance of patient education and promise to speak candidly about your treatment options and progress.

We invite you to view our website to learn more about the services and treatments we provide. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What our patients are saying

  • Great staff! Everyone was so friendly. The dentist and his tech went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and doing well during the procedure. It was the most painless dental experience I've ever had!

    Teri S.

  • I love this office and the staff!! We recently switched dentists for insurance purposes. My daughter is petrified of dentists and has been all her life. They explain exactly what they need to do and use enough that makes her feel so at ease. You have no idea how easy that is for her and for myself! Thanks so much for that.

    Laura E.

  • Nice office, friendly staff! The Gentle Dentist is also a very nice dentist! Everyone in the office was pleasant and no one made me feel bad for not going to the dentist in the years past. I was in and out very quickly and I'm looking forward to returning!

    Anna V.

  • Dentist and staff who stand by their Gentle name. I have been going to this dentist office for about a year now. I have always had a good experience here. The reason I chose the office, besides the location, was because of the name. I think they really do stand by their promise to be "gentle." The dentist always asks me if I'm comfortable or in any pain. He also makes sure to explain to me what he's doing. The assistants and front office ladies are great as well and very personable. I recently had my wisdom teeth removed here. I had been planning this for several months and I must've asked a hundred questions. Nobody in the office ever seemed to be bothered by all of my questions or concerns. They knew I was scared and were good about reassuring me about the procedure. This is a everybody knows your name type of business. They know you and they remember you. The office also has flexible hours and an after hours phone number for you to use which is great.

    Christy G.

  • This office is very accommodating, professional, courteous, and puts the patient first at all times. They have earned my trust (and that is very difficult to do) and have done so very quickly. The dentist himself seems extremely knowledgeable, and certainly "knows what he is doing." He answers all questions clearly and directly, and makes sure everything is to my satisfaction before I get out of the chair. I would highly recommend this dentist to my friends and associates. I feel very comfortable going to this dentist.