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Dr. Louis and his staff are wonderful. I  was so afraid of going to the dentist when I first went there and now they are like family. I can now say I have a beautiful smile thanks to my new  denture implants. I can eat anything  and my family and friends think I look great. I am so thankful to all the great people in this office who put up with me thru this process. Anyone who goes to your office will never think of going anywhere else.
Gloria B.

Friendly and professional, love this office.
Laura E.

Love this place.
Ashleigh M.

My kids love this place…and the people there are awesome.
Jahid R.

The staff is always professional and pleasant.
NIta V.

Great staff! Everyone was so friendly. The dentist and his tech went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and doing well during the procedure. It was the most painless dental experience I’ve ever had!
Teri S.

Wonderful visit. A very enjoyable check-up. The hygienist was friendly, kind and very capable. And Dr Louis, as usual, was cheerful and very, very much the perfect dentist!
William G.

I came to the right place. Had periodontal maintenance this visit. Well organized office with efficient, professional Dentist and staff who are happy to answer questions. Very pleasant, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I first came to this Dentist in a panic due to an abscessed tooth and he couldn’t have been more reassuring. Nothing but good experiences subsequently for a crown and thorough assessment, treatment and maintenance for continued dental health.
Carolyn B.

Great visit today. Was told where I stood and what still needed to be worked on. Everyone that I spoke to today were kind and friendly.
Robert P.

Fine experience for my mid-year cleaning and check-up.
Harvey L.

I love this office and the staff!! We recently switched dentists for insurance purposes. My daughter is petrified of dentists and has been all her life. They explain exactly what they need to do and use enough that makes her feel so at ease. You have no idea how easy that is for her and for myself! Thanks so much for that.
Laura E.

High quality service and cleaning. Thank you. Ashley was my hygienist and she was indeed “gentle” but also thorough! The front office staff are very “on it”, professional, courteous and friendly. Thanks so much! My husband will make an appointment soon!
Donna S.

I always feel so welcome and relaxed when I go to see Dr Louis or even if it’s just for a regular check-up. I love the atmosphere of the office, even when I’m in the chair.
Marie C.

Great first time visit. It was my first time there today and the staff was so friendly and welcoming. They explained everything well. I am pregnant and they did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable. Very satisfied with my choice of moving to this dentist.
Krysten C.

Wonderful office. Very welcoming office and my children are looking forward to their next visit. Thanks so much.
Laura E.

You all are amazing. Ashley and Amanda are amazing. They truly seem like they care and even if you are are not flossing, Ashley will make a joke to me saying, “Well if you don’t I ‘ll know next time.” Ashley and Amanda are just so sweet and Dr Louis is awesome. He is very kind and I hope you all are around at this office for a very long time. You guys helped my husband get over his fear of going to the dentist and have taken care of my daughter. Took your time with me through all my pregnancy cavities and make sure you educated me on what I needed to do to help that. Thank you all so much. See you next time.
Megan M.

The two people who worked with me today tried really hard to make me feel comfortable and at ease. The actual work on my tooth was okay. It was as painless as it could be.
Carol H.

Overall good experience. Hygienist was friendly. She used vibrating scraper to clean my teeth, which was much faster than the traditional hand tools.
Bruce B.

I always enjoy going to this office. The staff, from the Dentist to the hygienist, assistants and front office are very friendly and accommodating. The hygienist is gentle. The office is clean and modern.
Kim J.

I really did not want to go to the dentist. I do not like going to the dentist. However, when I got there and found out I only had to endure a cleaning today, I was feeling better. The person who did my cleaning was kind, gentle, and very faithful about asking me how I was doing during the ordeal. All was well until the end. I knew they were struggling to find a kind way to tell me I had to return to have a small cavity filled. They did say it in a very nice way and I suppose I will return to have this taken care of, although I don’t want to return, but if I don’t the cavity will get worse. I still came away with prizes- a new toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss. I must have been a good patient.
Carol H.

My 4 year old had a blast! Michael came home all smiles telling me how he go to shoot the “water gun”, how he had to kiss the tube and it sucked all the water from his mouth and he thought that was funny, and how he learned about sugar bugs causing holes in your teeth. Not only did he have fun, but he was well-educated! Thanks for much for making this enjoyable for the young ones! I’m thinking of switching to you all myself.
Leah H.

Best DDS office ever! Great staff who really care about your well-being. Pain-free environment. Always friendly!
Robin J.

Always a great visit! Although going to the dentist can be very stressful, I always leave feeling grateful that I found a wonderful dentist and support staff.
Rosemarie S.

Nice office, friendly staff! The Gentle Dentist is also a very nice dentist! Everyone in the office was pleasant and no one made me feel bad for not going to the dentist in the years past. I was I was in and out very quickly and I’m looking forward to returning!
Anna V.

Friendly, thorough staff and super clean office! Not a fan of the dentist, but a definite fan of this office. I selected this Gentle Dentist location out of convenience as I live very close by and the word “gentle” really spoke to me. As someone who is terrified of the dentist and who waited entirely too long to go back to one, I felt comfortable, informed and confident in the staff’s genuine interest to make my personal experience a positive one. I would certainly recommend this office to anyone who is searching for a dentist in general. I would definitely recommend this office to those who are fearful of the dentist and the experience that goes along with it. Dr Louis and his staff do everything they can to make you laugh and feel comfortable.
Courtney P.

Great hygiene visit. Getting our little feisty 4 year old to cooperate is sometimes a chore, however she made it fun and interactive. She explained to him about the “sugar bugs” and he was so interested in learning from her how to brush his teeth. I think his favorite part was the “space ship” pano machine, he felt like he saw the stars and moon (what a great imagination). Ashley is a great hygienist, kind and gentle. This entire team rocks; we have never had a bad experience here.

Very good service.
Jehad Y.A.

The staff is wonderful. I love the dentist.
Tiffany W.

Outstanding service. Been coming here for a couple of years now. The entire visit is as gentle as their name. The entire staff is friendly and treat you as one of their own family member. Keep the same staff and dentist and I will keep coming back.

Another great visit. Dr Abukhalaf and his staff did another great job for my 6 month check up.
Bill F.

Dentist and staff who stand by their Gentle name. I have been going to this dentist office for about a year now. I have always had a good experience here. The reason I chose the office, besides the location, was because of the name. I think they really do stand by their promise to be “gentle.” The dentist always asks me if I’m comfortable or in any pain. He also makes sure to explain to me what he’s doing. The assistants and front office ladies are great as well and very personable. I recently had my wisdom teeth removed here. I had been planning this for several months and I must’ve asked a hundred questions. Nobody in the office ever seemed to be bothered by all of my questions or concerns. They knew I was scared and were good about reassuring me about the procedure. This is a everybody knows your name type of business. They know you and they remember you. The office also has flexible hours and an after hours phone number for you to use which is great.
Christy G.

Just had my routine cleaning and check up today, and absolutely love this place. The hygienist was very gentle, and the office was clean and modern. I am looking forward to my next appointment in 6 months. No cavities for me!
Lisa F.

The visit was very comfortable. I would recommend Gentle Dentist to anyone in need of a dentist. Dr Louis is an exceptional dentist. The staff is helpful and aware of the needs of the patient.
Barry G.

Great family dentist. Moving and having to find a new dentist is always a headache. I checked the internet and read some reviews and decided to give Dr Louis a try. I was not disappointed and was amazed to hear everyone speaking highly of him while I was in the waiting area. Good dentists are hard to find, but those that are up front and bluntly honest are even harder to find.
Dyna K.

Great people! I was referred by a family member and was favorably impressed with Dr Louis and the staff of his dental practice.

I always have a great experience with my dentist.
Barbara D.

The staff is always very friendly, courteous and professional. They really do care about the patient and do everything in their power to help you no matter what the problem is. Dr Louis is knowledgeable and I think a very good dentist that I recommend my friends to go to.
Rita W.

Steve K.

Awesome team! My son usually has an apprehension about going to the dentist. But our experience at Gentle Dentist was so wonderful, I do not think there will be any problem getting him to go back! Thanks so much for treating him so kindly!
Christina R.

Very happy! Everyone was helpful and conscientious.
Becky K.

Pleasant morning at the dentist’s office. I had my initial appointment with Dr Louis at Edgewood Gentle Dentist this morning. Intake into the system was smooth and efficient thanks to a paperless (digital document) system. Instead of filling out forms by hand, trying to fit too much information into too little space, I simply had a short chat with the front office gal who inputted my answers and who also quickly handled and unexpected glitch with my insurance. Dr Louis and hot-shot, multi-talented assistant Donielle worked side by side during the manual labor phase involving the usual things with redoing an old filling. But it was Donielle at the start doing two different series of digital xrays and then at the end doing the fitting and beautifying of a filling and a temporary crown. After Dr Louis completed his review of the many xrays and examined my mouth, his insurance coverage expert (she also handled the paperless intake) came back in to describe costs and coverage of the various elements of the doctor’s treatment plan. This was helpful as it allowed me to know in advance what my final charges would be. As a result of the charges being less than I had expected, I also arranged for some other needed, but elective, work to be done. I have pretty much been a “crisis only” dental patient (a car wreck which chipped a front tooth and a lucky punch to the jaw breaking another tooth were the two events that prompted visits in the last few years) Part of the reluctance was the expected unpleasantness, pain and cost. This visit today was just the opposite of my main concerns; it was a pleasant, pain-free and reasonably priced treatment visit. Would absolutely recommend this practice to a friend.
Clifford S.

Enjoyable visit. You don’t normally think of a visit to the dentist as “enjoyable”, but my visit today was just that! I have always found Dr Abukhalaf to be a friendly person, today he was extremely cordial. My treatment was at my request and he agreed to do two additional procedures that I asked about. All in all, a very good dental visit.
Bill F.

Awesome at customer service and billing, would recommend to anyone.
Donna R.

Always friendly. They treat you like family and try their best to accommodate you.
Jayne B.

Awesome service- the staff is always pleasant and professional. The dentist is also great. They all seem to work well together and that is reflected in the great standard of care. I refer them to anyone who asks me who my dentist is. They listen to your concerns. They are patient as I am a nervous person when it comes to dentistry work. They work on my kids as well. Well all love the Gentle Dentist office on Emerson.
Lisa C.

5-Star. Great place! I love them.
Ashley G.

Exemplary service. The team at the Edgewood and Emerson Gentle Dentist is the best. Always professional and pleasant. Dr Louis is the best!
Bryan N.

Staff is very friendly. I never get overly excited for a dental appointment, but Gentle Dentist is a great place. They print out the treatment plan with estimated costs up front so that you can plan on how to pay and use any insurance benefits. And when you wait a year between visits, they don’t hassle you too much!
Marie W.

Love this place! I was there for my quarterly hygiene appointment, and as always, I had a wonderful experience. The staff is very professional and Dr Louis always takes the time to answer any questions I may have. Ashley, the hygienist, is very gentle and does a great job with me. (even if I forget to floss) Beautiful office that is conveniently located. I have been going there for years, and will continue to go there. My entire family loves this office as much as I do.
Stephen L.

Very professional and congenial staff. The dentist was also available to clarify the treatment plan. Hygienist also clearly explained what she was going to do during the appointment. Overall, a very good experience- very comfortable with this dentist, his hygienists and staff. Highly recommended.
John P.

This office is very accommodating, professional, courteous, and puts the patient first at all times. They have earned my trust (and that is very difficult to do) and have done so very quickly. The dentist himself seems extremely knowledgeable, and certainly “knows what he is doing.” He answers all questions clearly and directly, and makes sure everything is to my satisfaction before I get out of the chair. I would highly recommend this dentist to my friends and associates. I feel very comfortable going to this dentist.

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